tessutoOutdoor Festival | Roma

2018 - interior design 

Tessuto is an interior design concept proposal for Festival della Partecipazione 2018.
The client asked us to set up a fluid & diamic space, easily changeable according to the needs of use so we thought using a light, permeable curtain reacting with wind and light.  Steel cables structure suspended from the ceiling at the top and several layers of red, white and black tulle to create the multiple interiors of the bubble so the space is divided in two: area TALK in which people speak togheter and KIDS dedicated to childrens play, As artistic curators, we designed and built wooden furniture [desks, tables, totems] to fit the space like a conference hall with the purpose of light up every venue of the Festival, runned up the floor with white tape to mark the entrance and guide guests inside the space, built layered and suspended signs made of plexiglas and PVC tape with various thematic logos and finally furnished all this with big white pillows and chairs.

The gridshell of the wooden elements was made by square poles while sheets curtains lines the structures like an inner skin, a little LED gave light from the inside.

photo: Arianna Fabrizi