Santa Rufina di Roio | L'Aquila

Parcobaleno was a multifunctional playground, designed with participatory strategies and built with reconstruction waste, nearby a post earthquake emergency housing complex.
The concept runned around the local community and its need, so we planned a public space made by different mixable elements which gave flexibility and depht to the project.
We tried to speak from the outside to the inside so we first had an interactive fence, which was not only a boundary but also a runnable slope, a covered bus stop, a pic-nic set and a long bench; this tape wanted to hug all the inner space in which we put the playground refered to the childs.
Local community drived and helped us designing and building Parcobaleno in a self-made process using recicled  materials like iron tubes [1200 m] for the main structures and rainbow coulored wooden bars [500 small sized pallets]for the topping. Once we opened the area they started to taking care of the space and living it all the day. The project had temporary permission so, after 3 years, the municipality picked-up the tape leaving only the playground which is still alive and recognized as an identitarian place by the citizens.

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