la città

San Donato | Pescara

La città was our first building site far from the city of L'Aquila. We've been called from a social services association giving assistance inside the local jail for a participatory project which would be self constructed with some of the prisioners. Our idea was simple and strong: put the city inside a limited area of this detencion structure considering the aisle like a walkable street of a city and the consecutive rooms like markets and shops which give the soul at every city. We had not the opportunity to build something big so we decided to work with the coulour for mark the flow even inside each thematical room [media library, tailoring, radio, library, theater] and wood to set fornitures around the spaces.
Working with the inners represented for us not only a building site but mainly an opportunity to share with them feeling and emotional thinks because of theyr impossibility to go outside breathing spring smells, touching natual materials or having public relationships with other citizens in a liquid environment.