Outdoor Festival | Roma
2016 - competition 

Reflect on the theme of reconverting an industrial space using the furnishings made available by the host. The idea is to play on the concept of a construction site changing its meaning: a temporary event that no longer realize an exclusion but envelops and involves people in the space thus designed. We use building materials to make a renovated layout, Insert plants, divide the spaces in a dynamic way, look for a connection with the city and the infinite possibilities it offers to people. The concept start from the idea of ​​the square, protected with a double layer of light fabric and covered in thematical sections by clouds of metal mesh. The whole arrangement is mixed with ivy that creeps between the fabrics and irons playing with ight and sounds. The square is the main space, here public activities related to the festival are held, plus there are a bar, services and a co-working spaces.

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