Fonte Cerreto | Assergi (Aq)

SPRINGWOOD is a land art installation made in 2015 for the skying competition 'Gran Sasso Spring Session'. We had to organize an hospitality village where athlets and crowd could have spend theyr free time having relax. The concept was about to recreate the Gran Sasso skyline with wooden vertical elements [10x10x300/400/500 cm] which shuold also describe a walkable path in the forest at the ground floor. The pathway was described by a red paint trail over the floor and limited with coulored climbing ropes also used by the childs as hammocks or swings. We've also realized benches recycling old snowboards and skis gifted by the community through a public call to fill the square between the installation and the local hotels. The village worked hard for 3 days hosting hundred of people which enjoyed so much our visionary settlement of this uncharacterized space.